Partnering to Preserve

This past summer, I spent time interning for the Development office at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania and learned a good deal about the production of history and preservation.  One of the projects I worked on was a brainstorm on how to support the local and family-oriented holdings at HSP with a more corporate style partner who would be interested in listing their name on HSP as a brand for family history.

This morning I noticed on HSP’s website that FamilySearch would be this partner for digital preservation of the collection.  I was really thrilled to see this news (, partly because I was happy to see my internship site advisor doing awesome work in making it happen, but also because FamilySearch is an interesting partner in comparison to the ever-popular

So here is what will happen:
“The initiative will digitally preserve and publish online the society’s many genealogies and local histories, family trees, and related family documents and manuscripts that contribute to the understanding of many family histories. Collections of particular interest might be those of Pennsylvania’s founding families, including Penn and others.”

How cool will it be to access the family history collections of HSP online?  I view this as a huge step forward to HSP’s accessibility and appeal to the wider region as well as a great step forward in terms of sustainability.  Cheers!

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