The Regional Foundation Center at the Free Library is Your Friend.


As I sit here writing the last pieces for my summer internship, I have two entries to enter on the blog.  This is the first– on The Regional Foundation Center at the Free Library of Philadelphia.  

I visited the Foundation Center this week in my final efforts to gather the best materials possible to write a historiography on grant funding for history organizations.  I was skeptical it would help me; I have been relentlessly searching for adequate source material with an increasingly negative outlook.  What a pleasant surprise it was to meet success at the Free Library!

I would love to say that the success I met was accredited to my own agility in research, but it was largely due to the support of the staff of the Foundation Center.  As I scoured grant RFP language for commonalities in their databases, they searched enthusiastically for articles directly related to my research topic.  They discovered some helpful resources.

My two favorite sources are a 1998 summary from a Getty Trust Conservation Institute meeting and a 2004 Funding for the Humanities report by the Foundation Center.  They are worth a first person exploration to any and all concerned with the history of philanthropy for history and humanities.

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