Hello, Summer 2014!

When I look back at the origins of this blog from Fall 2012, I’m slightly shocked at how unaware I was at the time of the intricacies behind the scenes of cultural production involving history. Fortunately, in the past 1.75 years, I worked in the marketing department of the Painted Bride Art Center, matriculated in Temple University’s Public History program, started a mobile public history project, and began my career as an independent curator/community artist through work with Little Berlin and the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. These varied experiences have greatly informed me in the process behind the scenes, but they have not informed me on the specifics of grant funding for history projects.

This summer, under the advising of Dr. Hilary Iris Lowe, I am interning for the Historical Society of Pennsylvania‘s Development department (specifically Jon-Chris Hatalksi). The plan is to research successful HSP grant-funded projects over the timespan of 2009-2013 in juxtaposition with successful grant-funded projects of the New York Historical Society. By placing these two studies in conversation with a bibliographic essay on the subject (which is one of my current focuses and challenges– who has written on history grant funding?), I hope to create a portfolio of work by the end of the summer.

I have already been doing a lot of research, and I wrote a short essay on the NYHS’s 2009-2013 funding climate/grant-funded projects at the end of June. Now, I am honing in on the bibliographic essay and an assignment involving one successful HSP project (National History Day).

So cheers –and welcome– to another stream of posts here on Objects in Culture.
Thanks for reading!

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